Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina Shayk share passionate embrace

When dining with their boyfriend’s parents, many women would be concerned with their manners in front of potential in-laws.

Irina Shayk clearly feels at home with her footballer beau Cristiano Ronaldo’s family, as the pair got down to some serious kissing at the table during lunch in his hometown, Funchal, Madeira.

But while the gorgeous Russian model was wrapped up in her boyfriend’s embrace, laying her head back and closing her eyes, Cristiano appeared a little distracted.

The Real Madrid player looked over Irina’s head as the pair embraced, before pulling his head away.

Irina did not appear happy with the snub, playfully pouting and trying to pull Cristiano’s face back towards her.

Their comical interaction was witnessed by the footballer’s family and Cristiano’s little boy Cristiano Jr, who they have been spending time with in the Ronaldo’s home town on the Portuguese island. The good-looking duo are enjoying their down time, with Irina going casual and make-up free.

As an in-demand model, she spends most of her time coiffed and preened to perfection, but Irina was happy to step out in a simple white vest and jeans, with tousled, natural hair and not a scrap of make-up on her beautiful face.

Cristiano, 26, was typically decked out in designer gear in a Gucci cap.

The day before, Cristiano was pictured for the first time with his baby son. And, in the first shots of 10-month-old Cristiano in many months, the resemblance between the father and son is uncanny. With a head of downy black hair and olive skin, little Cristiano looked adorable as he was carried by his proud father.

The baby also appeared to have taken after his father in terms of his love of designer fashion, as he was wearing a Burberry checked shirt, denim jacket and matching Burberry baseball cap – which he wore backwards to make it more trendy.

And it seems Irina has adapted well to the family style of life, as she was seen cuddling up to her boyfriend’s super-cute son in the back of the car.

Irina has remained loyal to Ronaldo despite the revelation last year that he had become a father. The baby was allegedly born to a 20-year-old British student following a fling with the star after they met in a London club.

’As agreed with the baby’s mother, who prefers to have her identity kept confidential, my son will be under my exclusive guardianship.’

And while Ronaldo’s mother Dolores is essentially raising the baby between Madrid and Portugal due to the football star’s career commitments, Ronaldo spoke recently about how his life had been affected by becoming a father.

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