Reward yourself through a Macy’s WEDDING Registry.

When you register with Macy’s and enroll in the Registry Star Rewards program, you will enjoy the following benefits:
  • 10% back for purchases made on your Macy’s card. This includes purchases throughout the store, whether it is a dress for your engagement party, new shoes for a night out on the town or jewelry for your bridal party. If you don’t already have a Macy’s card, no need to fret; your Bridal Consultant can assist you with opening one so you can enjoy the benefits immediately (through to your wedding date).
  • 5% back on every gift purchased off your registry from family and friends. Whether they purchase in-store at any of our over 800 national stores, online at or by phone (XX) you’ll earn these rewards dollars back. These rewards are taken into effect immediately upon registering and, for those “forgetful” or “tardy” friends who send a gift late; you’ll receive this 5% after your wedding date for 90 days.
  • 10% off remaining registry items. For 90 days after the “I do’s” are said, there are still perks to enjoy with the Macy’s Registry Star Rewards program— receive 10% off when purchasing any remaining items left on your registry.
Reward dollars are provided through a Macy’s Gift Card and can be used to further create your life and build your home together. To start earning these rewards, visit your local Macy’s store. A Bridal Consultant can help you create a registry and enroll you in the Registry Star Rewards Program.


Thousands of brides have enrolled in this program and received more than $10 million in rewards.Consider this our “Congratulations” to you on your marriage and our best wishes in joining the Macy’s family, as you create your own.


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