Summer Hair Care Regimen

I’m so excited that summer is right around the corner. My pool opens this weekend and while the water is probably too cold to take a dip, I’ll be there! I love the warmth of the sun on my SPF protected skin and once it gets warmer, I love the feel of water. Anyway, the summer can be the most brutal on my hair because I love to swim and usually I take a dip almost daily.

Usually during the summer I rely on co-washing and wearing buns. I step up my deep conditioning by doing an overnight deep conditioning treatment twice a week. But this summer, I plan on deep conditioning overnight three times a week and saturating my hair with oil overnight once to twice a week. Thankfully, since I’m a nurse in L&D I can wear a scrub cap while I work and it’s totally acceptable and common. Since my entire head is covered no one will be the wiser as to what’s actually going on under there. My Plan: apply a treatment (whether it’s an oil treatment or a deep conditioning treatment), cover with a plastic cap, and then cover with my scrub cap!


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